Tuesday, 20 March 2012


So I've been wondering what to do a blog about for a few days now and I thought to myself.. STANDARD BLOG AS PER USUAL. Usually I just fill it up with random thoughts that pop into my head as I write, so I'll do that again.

Righto, so I did LFR on Warrior, DK, Hunter and I did the last boss on the second half on my Mage (I really cba to do other characters lately) and I won SOULDRINKER OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHH. But it was on my DK and not my Warrior so FFFfffffffffu. I also got nothing else on any character, so that sucked balls. (apart from GLOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOVES on my Warrior, of coursE)
Still, a Souldrinker is a Souldrinker (even if it's not Guthrak)
I also got some free shit the other day, HAPPYTIMES. got a pretty snazzy pig, and 3 BUUURDIES. One of which I've not let out of my sight since I got it, cause it obviously rocks. My mum also loved the pig, which kicked ass 'cause I'm too lazy to buy actual gifts lolol. Now all I have to do is wait a month until I can finally buy a TURTLE from the person that gave me these birds. Can't wait 'cause I love turtles. yesyesyes.
You know what? I'll give you a picture of said things so you can see how awesome they are for yourself:

There's also a necklass, which I'm too lazy to take a picture of now!

So that's it! I SHALL LEAVE THEE

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