Friday, 2 March 2012

I don't wanna do it alone.

So if you've met me in the past few years you'll know I'm not the most fit person in the world, I mean don't get me wrong I know I'm a sexy mother- BUT I'M TOO AMAZING, IT'S ILLEGAL TO HAVE AS MUCH AWESOME AS I DO. So I'm trying to lose some awesome, and in order to do so I will have to fitten up (cool English, brothren)

How am I doing this? First off I've been off soft/energy drinks for 2 weeks (TWO WEEKS COLD TURKEY), that alone is the biggest change I've made, I had a full-blown addiction beforehand and now I'm on a good track (it's hard, it really is, but I'm trying), I've actually drank nothing but water for this entire time. Go me.
Another thing I'm doing is push-ups, I don't do many (about 20-40 a day) but it's still more than I used to do (0), which is better than nothing, right? I've also started walking more, I do laps of the house (HARDCORE), and I went for a RUN EARLIER (it sucked, it was supposed to be a jog but I just WENT FOR IT)

But that's enough of that! I've also started sorting my sleeping routine, which was actually more of an accident than anything. I've started sleeping before 1am almost every night, it's a MASSIVE difference to my old sleeping habit (where I used to be awake at 8am+, yeye). I mean personally I don't care because I have nothing at all to live for (read: be awake for) but it's good for me I supposed.

In other news I've got a watrermelon in the fridge, and a lime. Why? Because I'm actually hardcore. I also had a krispy kreme donut yesterday (original because I'm a boss ty) and that was nais.
What else can I talk about? Oh yeah, I'm on a site called KEEK, you should ttly watch my shiz there. It's basically a crossover between Youtube and Twitter (you post videos but the time limit is 36secs per vid) it rocks. LINKAGE<

Lastly (because even though I'm out of stuff, I like to pack as much into these as possible) I've got a new shampoo omfg, yeah I just wanna say I actually hate my hair because I have to wash it everyday and it pisses me off, because back in the day I could just leave it for ages and I didn't care. NOT ANYMORE. So yeah that really sucks and I can't find any hair stuff that really ROCKS and lasts a long time. MEH! OH WELL.
It's not like I need fine looking hair when my ravishing good looks do it all for me anyway /flicks hair
Farewell, people of the 'net.

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