Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I can actually do an amazing american accent

Earlier today I had some amazing chicken, it was those mattesons fridge raider thingys and they were reduced so I thought MMMMM CHICKEN and got them (I don't usually like cold meat, but I thought fak it), and it was really nice, just throwing it out there!

So lately I've been trying to get into shape. I mean I've been doing badly but I've been trying, I've been off soft drinks for almost 3 weeks and I've been eating quite a bit of fruit.
What fruit you may ask, well I'll tell you! In the past 2 weeks I've had pineapple, lime, bananas, coconut, WATERMELON YAMYAMYAM and KIWI! Now something that's pretty weird about me is that I eat the kiwi whole. Yes, I eat KIWI SKIN! Why? Because Idk. I understand it doesn't taste amazing, but wasting food is never something I like to do. Something that's also interesting about kiwi skin though is that it's high in fibre (I guess it's good for you, so that's a plus)

Also I've been "working out" recently. Not like full on gym workouts (TOOO POOR AND LAZY TO GO GYM) but I've been going for DEM WALKS. I've went for a couple runs too! I also do laps of downstairs 'cause I get self-consious when I run outside :(. Also I've been doing push-ups and sit-ups, MAINLY pushups, I actually do about 10 pushups everytime I get up for a drink or to go to the toilet, and it really does add up I think (it's about 45 so far today, I do 15 when I get up in the morning). Also I went for a walk.
Are you ready for Ash 2.0? I am! It'll take a LONG time, but I'll get there!

What really gets me is the massive drink cravings- I've had 2 cans of Relentless and a can of Pepsi in my room for 2 weeks and I've not even opened them.. When should I? I mean sure, giving up for good is always a plan, but what about a treat? I'm thinking when lent finishes I'll have one drink, I think that's fair!
I mean it's kind of fitting that lent falls a week after I give up, so it's 3 more weeks of no drink until I can have one! WOOooOoO (I may not even have the one, who knows)

Alrighty then, not much to talk about that isn't game related so I'll leave you with this! Follow me on KEEK! LINKHEREOMG I'm not gonna be one of those people that plugs it any chance I can get like I do with this blog, I'm just gonna mention it once and leave it at that.
It's basically just a mini youtube, where you post 36 second or shorter vids. Mine are usually just small boring ones but that's good enough for me.

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