Tuesday, 27 March 2012


SO MY LAYOUT IS ALL DIFFERENT NOW AND IT'S WEIRD, but it's alllll good, I guess. I'm not really too keen on the new style but it'll probably grow on me, who knows?
Anyway this probably means I should update my actual blog background and stuff, but I cba so yeah, maybe later.

Ok so as you know I said I'd make a smoothie, and guess what?!?! I didn't. Idk why, lazy I guess (plus I don't have a super awesome blender) but oh well, not the end of the world.

In other news Live Upon A Blackstar came out a day early yesterday! It's basically the first live Celldweller CD, and even though I don't have the physical CD yet (mail and all) I DID listen to the digital download, and it's pretty good! Personal favorites from the album are Through The Gates (which got an epic rework) and The Lucky One (sounds pretty epic live). I also loved So Long Sentiment/Eon, but I'd heard that already so you already knew!
The one song that isn't really as epic as they could be is probably Symbiont, which misses the real epic mid/outro part, but apart from that it's actually really good!
And you know what the release of this means? It means that Wish Upon A Blackstar will finally go up for pre-order later today! No idea when but I can't wait, srsly. I'm hoping to catch it ASAP and get the limited edition version (only 1000 of them going out, don't wanna miss it), and even if it's moi expensivó I'll defo get it, because I've been waiting for a longass time!

In non-music related news both of my nans and my aunt came to my house yesterday. Why am I telling you? Well because they tried my EPIC pie, and even my nan that doesn't like cinnamon liked it, fuckyeah. Apparently it being in a sauce makes it ok (Which I don't get 'cause that sauce was sooo cinnamony, lolol) but yeah, EVERYONE LOVES ZE CHEF. Also I got told that window cleaners get paid an insane amount of money, like £10 for 5 minutes work? And it looks so easy. SO NOW I ASPIRE TO CLEAN WINDOWS. OH YEAH!

So I've not got much else to say really, but I will tell you something absolutely random, the title to this blog is actually related to the blog itself for like the first time in about 70 years. Not including the hate blogs of course.

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