Saturday, 19 January 2013


So as I'm sitting here thinking of a title I'm also realizing that the few things I had to put into this blog weren't really enough to fill an entire blog, so I'm now thinking of stuff to put in here to make it nice and full. It's probably not going to be pages and pages BUT WE WILL SEE.

Firstly I guess I'll say I've stopped playing WoW as much as I did before and I've even cancelled my second account. I mean it's full of stuff in the first few days after the reset and then there's other little things to do, but it's just not as gripping as it could be. I also got the Tol'vir archaeology mount the other day (the BLUE BUG), it wasn't really on my list of things to get, but it's alright I guess.
I also got my second legendary gem and I still don't have a weapon to put it in, woo.

In other gaming news I've been playing more League of Legends and I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if there was a Pokémon version with different Pokémon instead of champions, like Sneasel and Gligar, or something like Blaziken. But then I thought "well the item system might be a bit too difficult and stuff so Idk", but it's still a STELLAR IDEA. I also think I should buy more champs but I cba to spend either real cash or all my IP, OH WELL.

ALSO I've been owning dat Pokémon ting pretty nicely and I've made my way to the VICTORY ROAD. I was going to just zerg through it but got Waterfall and went to explore instead, it's all good. I also went and got an EEVEE and evolved it into an Espeon, one of my favorite Pokémans I must say, and it urged me to write out a 6 Pokémon DREAMTEAM that I'd use if types and disadvantages didn't mean anything in the pocket monster world.
Now it's an incredibly hard task to take upon myself but I've got a couple I think deserve at least a small mention, and here they are:
Espeon - It's a great little guy, despite how evil it can be at times. It's got BEASTLY special attack and packs a massive punch.
Gligar - I never realized until recently how good this guy can be. It's a bit of a glass-cannon which sucks balls, but it can do quite a nice bit of damage. It can't fly despite being a flying type, and that really hurts MY FEELERS.
Flygon - Now this is a pretty tough choice for me as a lot of Dragon types are really amazing, but I think this one is pretty good. I really love Dragon types and I can't really describe why I've chosen this, but THAT'S THAT.
Dragonite - IT'S ANOTHER DARGEN. It's a really solid Dragon too. The reason I've chosen it is because dragons are great and this probably has one of the widest movesets in the entire game. It's TOP NOTCH.
Weavile - What can I say, Ice AND Dark type and it looks pr0 too. It's a swift, powerful pookiemawn and it can tear anything that lets its defense down to shreds.
Now I WAS going to give the 6th spot to either Azumarill or Mankey, but then I thought that I just can't. Because I can't decide. Plus there are so many more awesome Pokémon it would be unfair. So instead of choosing I'll leave it undecided. Oh and it's worth noting that I'd probably never use this team due to it not being varied enough. BUT OH WELL.

In real life news I accidentally missed an important review meeting last week, and I have to face repercussions on Monday. Not looking forward to it. I also have to fill out a massive set of forms by Monday too. It's not really fun at all. I'm also not having any luck getting a job and I think my brother was fired from his. See he's so shit he gets fired whereas I'd actually do a good job. Oh well, I'll just be jobless and poor forever. Or not, maybe I'll get lucky and find a dead end job. Gotta get dem hopes up.

In other real life news it's almost been a year since I drank any of the soft stuff, it's a big ol' time for me. I think I might actually have myself a small can on the day, you know, as a TREAT. Idk what to have yet, thoughts? 'cause Idk, it's pretty hard to decide. I just don't know.
I BELIEVE the exact day was the 17th of February, so we'll see. (I'm basing this off good old blog posts, and on the 17th of Feb apparently all I had was a can of relentless, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh) so yeah. WE. WILL. SEE.

I'm so starving right now, I'm watching Harry Potter for some reason and sitting on my LoL interfacing debating playing a game. I think I might try one with Ahri because I quite like the style, but Idk. I also think I might have some porridge, IDK THOUGH. requires effort and the microwave will make noise. Or I could just eat bread. I really want some biscuits though, I REALLY WANT SOME BUT IT'S SATURDAY AND TESCO IS SHUT :( I really want some PLS QQQqqqqqqqqqqqQqqQqqQQqqqQQqqQQQqQQqq
But yeah, fkkking starving, going to go now guise, I'll be seeing you!

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