Tuesday, 22 January 2013

In depth post

Big disclaimer here: I'm writing this out on my phone and I'm in PAIN of the tooth right now, so expect mistypes and random lack of spaces, as much as it pains me to do so.

Alright so yesterday was one of the biggest shitstorms of a day I've had for ages, which isn't a suprise considering my lack of life.
So I woke up the day before yesterday around midday because I thought it was Saturday.
My plan was to go to sleep at a normal time Sunday so I could wake up at a normal time Monday, but that plan broke when I realized it was Monday at around 3-4am. I was not happy at all because I had a massive set of forms to fill out and I had to write out my JOB SEARCH (cool right) before I went out a few hours later, not fun. So by the time I'd finished that I wasn't really tired enough to sleep so I didn't, despite knowing I'd be tired later. It's ok though because if I slept I'd oversleep. TANGENT HERE (spelling ty) I later fell asleep at like Idk oclock, before 7 I think Idk, I was woken up to be given food randomly at one point but went back after I ate, my point being that I woke up at 7-8am and I'd like to say my body wants way too much sleep, Idk why, I'm even tired now and it's 10:22.
So I go along with my day and even randomly watch Harry Potter for sone reason. Usually I'd play a game but lately Idk, no drive really. Such a shame. Anyway a couple of hours before I usually leave my mum was all I DON'T WANT TO BE DRIVING ALL THE WAY TO TOWN IN THIS WEATHER. So I was disappointed I couldn't get a free lift, but that's fine RIGHT? Or so I thought.
So around 1pm I leave to get to the busstop and I arrive 5mins late which means I have to wait 30mins to get the next bus, "that's fine I guess" I said in my head, so I waited. Bear in mind it was all cold out and my shoes have holes in and were making my feet freezing. Oh and my plan was to buy shoes while I was out BUT later I just decided not to. I mean fuck that.
Anyway I waited 25 mins and saw the bus coming. See it has to pass the other side of the road first then turn around a roundabout to get back to my stop.
So as I see it I stand up and get out of the bus stop to wait. At this point I was quite bored, but happy I was getting the bus in a sec.
5 mins passes and I see the bus coming, and I reach into my pocket to get my money. A few more seconds pass and the bus drives past.
Um? I wave as the guy was padt the stop, but he does nothing. Doesn't even slow down. At this point I'm quite worried as this bus would have arrived at town just before the appointment I have, letting me be there 5mins early, whereas the NEXT bus gets me there LATE.
So I wait 5mins to see if he was coming back and he didn't, so I text my mum saying what had happened, because I'd text a friend but I have none obvs. Then I call her because I was fucking livid. And then my phone died.
After this I sit at the bus stop an HOUR more and then get fucking bored because the next 2 busses didn't even fucking come, so I went home.
I called up the job center (which took the piss) and said I'd be late, and then I had to get a fucking taxi to town. Massive fucking pisstake. So that costed more than a return bus would but MEH. So I got there expecting to get shit for being late, missing a review meeting AND not handing in my FORMS last time. But instead they said nothing and it was another in/out appointment. Stayed up all night worrying for nothing ty.
Anyway so I went to go get a bus back and I JUST missed my bus. I was pissed yo. So I decided to get a wrong bus back home as soon as any one stopped. I got on one that went 30mins from my house and then walked home. It sucked balls that all this costed almost £10 AND my phone was dead the phole time so I had to sit through peoples shitty music on the bus and 'silence' on the walk home.

YEYE. When I got home I played some Pokèmon then tried sleeping but someone decided to blast music (midday Monday GO FUCK YOURSELF FFS FUCKING ASSHOLE) and it was vibrating the house rather agitating me as it does. So yeah I can't remember much more. I also had a DREAM I can't remember. Anyway this was my day. More to write about for one day I go out than there is for 2 weeks of my miserable life. Isn't it cool.

So yeah, I have insane toothache aka an abcess right now, so farewell, bon apetite and ay corumba. (Idk)


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