Friday, 7 December 2012

Names Names Names

Hello there! I'd like to start this blog off by saying that when I thought of the IDEA for the blog I wasn't ill, and I am now ILL, so this may come off a lot worse than I originally planned.

Anyway, this blog, unlike MOST of the blogs I've done, has a specific topic!
And I'm sure you can guess what it is if you've read the title, the topic is NAMES.

Now names can mean a lot, I mean an internet name usually means something to you and if it doesn't, it usually has some sort of a story behind it.
So I'll begin this with my real name, my real name is Ashley Ryan Stratton, the initials for this spell ARS and the school I used to go to was called Stratton Upper School (k00l fax rite).
Ashley is a unisex name, meaning that it can be used for boys and girls!
Now for personal preference I like to be called Ash rather than Ashley, in fact in TYPING I actually don't like to be called Ashley, and would much, MUCH, prefer Ash.
There's probably more STUFF on that, but now onto internet names

As you can see my Blogger name is Moonshinepen (I think) and that has its own story behind it.
Moonshinepen is a name I came up with years ago while thinking of a name to use on Runescape (very old game I used to play) the name came about when I was thinking of COOL names and I thought "MOONSHINEPENDRAGON" 'cause Moonshine is always cool, and Pendragon is.. I don't actually think that's a  real thing, but still. In fact it might have been Pentadragon (which still doesn't exist) but still IT WAS THE NAME I CHOSE.
Anyway due to character limit that was shortened to Moonshinepen and it's a name I've been using on various internet things for years and years, go me!
In fact this name was so good for me I've used a few (unoriginal) variations in my time, namely Sunshinepen and Starshinepen, but nothing matches MSP ORIGINALITY!

Another name I've been known to use is quiena, it's not a well known name of mine but it's actually used by some of my most important THINGS. Namely Youtube and in fact this very blog (the email I use to get onto it!)
And that name has a short and very boring story behind it, it's basically a wrong spelling of a name from Final Fantasy IX (el oh el). The right spelling is Quina but that was taken at the time, so I used quiena instead.
And the only reason I used that name and not a better one from the game is because EEEEEEEEEEVERYTHING was taken. I guess I'm not the only unoriginal person in the world!

 A couple of other names I guess I'll give the meanings for are names not many people actually know, but I'll tell you just to fill the blog.
Firstly Mysidia, Mysidia is the name of a place in a few different Final Fantasy games. The game I got it from was FFIV, and it's a Mage town in that. I realize now it would have been better suited to a caster but alas, I called my Hunter it. I have no regrets though, I love the name.
Secondly is Kupondria. That name is basically Kupo mixed with ondria to make it sound more like a name. And Kupo is the noise MOOGLEs make from Final Fantasy. npnp. 
Another name is Rydia. Basically, it's the name of the little girl from FFIV. Yes, it's a little girls name. BUT she grows up (in the summoners world, so it's all SUPER FAST but actually really slowly, because it's all complicated STUFF) So yeah. THAT'S THAT.
LASTLY (I guess) is Mogana. Mogana has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Morgana. Seriously, I did not even think of that name when I thought it up. Mogana is Mog (a moogle name) mixed with ana to make it sound like a name. Same idea as Kupondria, it's just a name mixed with something else (SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY RANDOM) to make it sound like a name. PLS.

So yeah! That's the story of namez, I'm sure I've missed plenty, but this blog is full enough! Thanks for reading, and I hope you got something interesting from this!

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