Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How it all went down


Hey guys, Ash here! With another relatively dull (yet still super-awesome) blog!
First things first I recorded a video I was supposed to put on here a few days ago but forgot to, whoops! HERE YOU GO.

So as you know it was Christmas this week and I'll tell you every single present I got!
I got a pair of socks and a can of deodorant, woo! It's a unique gift I've never recieved before (and especially not every year for the past Idk how long)

I also got a card from my nan with £20 in it!
JK MY MUM OPENED IT SOME POINT EARLIER IN THE WEEK AND TOOK THE MONEY OUT WITHOUT TELLING ME EL OH EL. I know this because my brother also received the same card but his actually had the cash in. Life gon' be life.

And I also purchased a couple of WoW pets for myself before the day! Despite telling myself anyone that spends RL money on ingame stuff is a moron. I am still a moron, doesn't make me a hypocrite if I actually think I'm stupid for doing it! I got Lil' Raganros, the GOLLLEN DARGON and the Cinder Kitty, all pretty snazzy I must say!

But now it's all over I may buy even more stuff for myself, such as Pokémon Black 2 (ONLY 'CAUSE IT'S AN OBLIGATION EVEN IF I DON'T WANT TO)
HELL, I may even buy myself SHOES. (cheap ones mind, I don't want to go too overboard)
Or maybe even something cheap in salez, doubt it though, the outside world SUCKS.

IN OTHER NEWS. I levelled my third character to 90 (spoiler alert, if you don't care about WoW, which is everyone, this part will be so uninteresting for you) and it was my HUNTER. I must say I am enjoying it quite a bit@ I'm BM 'cause I have no skill and YEAH. Already got 2 pieces of tier from 2 weeks of LFR, fupls Blizzard. I got TWO helms this week, and the second was actually a downgrade <_< Blizzard really, really hates me, obviously. Same thing happened last week on my Priest, only I got a downgrade helm AND downgrade belt :(

I'm also still on pet battles and I've just started really trying to get the 75 level 25 pets achievement, which FOR THE RECORD is quite difficult/time consuming because they nerfed my absolute best exp/fight method, QQQQQQpls, but it's ok 'cause I JUST hit 46! less than 30 to go, woooo
I'd want you to wish me luck but you WON'T. YOU'RE ALL MEEEEEEEEEAN (I KEED)

So yeah gaiz, thanks for stuff and whatnot, and feel free to draw me a stickman picture with a festive hat or something, 'cause every little helps!
Fankzzz for reading, and have a happi nu yaarrrr (incase I'm too lazy to blog beforehand)

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