Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Before you came into my life I missed you so baaad

Hey guys, so I just wanted to say it's been over 6 months since I gave up soft drinks and/or alcohol! I know right, it's felt so long. I'm proud of myself, I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD OF ME GUYS.
But yeah, a tick off my list!

Also I've started uploading game vids to youtube, omfg! here's an EXAMPLE!
As you can see it's only WoW because I suck and that's what I was playing when I thought about it.
I have actually considered other games but here's some reasons I've not done it yet:
Diablo 'cause it's a bit meh atm, and I have to run full low graphics and absolute minimum screen size because of my shit graphics card
Rift because I'm still levelling (lol) and I don't think it would be interesting to do a Rift BG (I die too much, and I'm generally shit :( )
LoL or Smite 'cause fraps files are fucking huge and if I get a 40+ minute game it would be about 134134gb, which would first off take a lot of space on my harddrive and it would also take lolages to actually upload :(
AND UM. Yeah, only other game I have DLed is RaiderZ and I don't even play it anymore (lul)
I guess I could do TERA as I've been asked to download it and they have a 7 day trial now. Maybe I could do a first impressions video! ooooooooohhhhhwho knows

In other news my 2 interviews didn't go well. Won't get into it but yeah, at least I tried!

So yeah guys, if anyone has an INTERESTING idea for a video plx tell me. Or even better if you have a snazzy game for me to try tell me and I'll go do a first impressions vid! whoooo.
Not saying I'll put too much effort into it as I cba to edit. I CAN edit, but right now I don't see the point as I'm just uploading stuff for fun, it's the only thing I really care about!


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