Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We are never ever ever (never) getting back together

Hey guys! Been a little bit over a week so I'm feeling bad because I'm letting y'all doooooooown.
So here goes! Just a small summery of some of the fun timez I've had this week.

Firstly I upgraded my graphics card (woo!!) and I had to install it myself, scary stuff if I'm honest because I've never done it before and I had 0 help (well google helped, but that's not SOMEBODY)
It went well though! I didn't break my PC and it's running pretty well :') it wasn't exactly a TOP end card but I don't lag at all on ultra settings on most games so YEAH.
Now all I need is a monitor! I need a 22"+ monitor so I can record in 1080p, plx give!

Also started getting a fucked up sleeping pattern once more. Won't go into FULL detail but let's just say I woke up at 7 today (pm :x )
I also had 2 job interviews since my last blog! Both didn't go too well, but I'm not that annoyed (warehouse jobs = meh. I mean money would have been nice, but I know how shit they can be)

It was also my birthday and yeah, thought I'd bring it up. didn't actually GAIN much, in fact I gave about £50 to my mum in the same week so that was a little meh. Ah well, I don't really expect many gifts- never have!

WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAT ELSE. AH YES! I played TERA! t'was ok but it was before I upgraded my PC so it was too laggy to really test :( Sad times. I recorded like 12 minutes of  "first impression" footage but it bugged and somehow fucked up so I had to delete it. sadface

Not really got much else to add, apologies! Apart from the fact that you guyses are all awesome and I wish you all the best in your endeavors <3
Thanks for reading! (too lazy to make a video plus it's 5:30, sawwy)

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