Friday, 3 August 2012


SO YEAH! I've decided to dedicate the blog to the games this time around (new AND exciting) but first here's a videYO

As stated I started playing Rift! I actually love the whole Rifts system, I think it's quite cool how you can just farm the shit out of those for exp/gear (trading the marks you get, ftw!) and I really like how customizable characters are (srsly, so much you can do compared to something like WoW)
I also think the talent trees are a good idea, but it kinda forces you into one set of talents, unless you opt out of it, but even then I feel kinda weird about doing that because it's not optimal (apparently).
AH WELL, still fun times! I mean I'm only like level 15 right now, but it's still pretty nice to try something new.

In other news I started gearing for PvP on WoW once more. Idk why, it's something else new I guess.
And tbh it actually still sucks, lol@ how fucking retardedly OP everyone with gear is. Literally everyone has the best gear ingame <_< so fun.
Still, when I see a shitty geared player with no skill and pop reck up their ass I feel good once more. AH YES. (ps gotta love dem tentacles)

and finally I actually logged onto LoL for the first time in like a month and had a couple of games, STILL PLAYED AS ASHE FOR ALL OF THEM DON'T DIS.

OH YEAH AND I GOT A PS1. I got it for £3 on Ebay (lolol postage costed more) and yeah, gonna enjoy that once I get it hooked up, Final Fantasy for da WIN.

OH YEAH ALSO OH YEAH TWICE THREE TIMES I started playing Pokemon again TOO. lololol, I know I know I do too much. I've gotten all the badges and the last thing I did was save the game at Moltres.

ALSO I fucking love the slots on Leaf Green, I swear I've made like 20k+ coins or some shit (caps at 9999 :( ) I've bought all the pokemon and I have like 7k left lololol, why don't they have it on Soul Silver :@

EDIT: AND IN OTHER MMO NEWS. I've just won myself a RaiderZ Beta key! The game isn't actually even in beta yet and opens up on the 8th.
OOOOooooOOooOOOoooh, I've only ever been in one closed beta and I've never been in one from the very start, very exciting!

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