Friday, 17 August 2012

we aaaaaaall everybody


I've actually recorded like 30 odd mins of arena footage (lolshit rating, like 200 or something) and I'm wondering if I should put music in the background or just leave it with the skype on its own. IDK BUT YEAH. Editing to make it <10 mins will be so fun

Also I have like 2 job interviews this week SO FUN. No doubt will get a shitty warehouse job that pays shit, lulul.
And it means I have to wake up at 7am monday and do so much shit I cba to do.
ALSO have to wake up Saturday (today) for a BBQ apparently, because apparently people are coming to see me (I wonder why?)

And yeah, 23rd soon. Big time playah here wondering why that date matters.

So yeah, so fookin hungry right now so goodbye fwends

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