Sunday, 3 June 2012

ONE! Two, three, five, eight.. Who do we decapitate?

Hello guys, I'd like to start off by saying that my cat is officially missing. And I'm not sure he's coming back.
The one person that's taken this seriously has told me that there's a chance he may have just.. gone to live with someone else. Basically he's a really weird cat, and well, I'm sure as long as someone pays attention to him he doesn't care where he is.
I really hope that wherever he is he's being treated well, and most importantly I hope he's okay :/

Now onto less depressing matters.. and quite sad matters really.
I've now tried League of Legends.
God, yeah I'm being serious, why did I bother? Anyway here's the LOOOOODOWN.
So it only took a couple of hours to download and install which is better than a lot of shit, but when I started a tutorial game the game just crashed, which.. was not good. So I reloaded the game and entered a "real" game (lolpls, level one trying a real game with NO clue what to do) and basically.. yeah my game crashed on the loading screen, and EVERYTIME I reloaded LoL it would tell me to reconnect, and everytime I got to about 17-19% on the loading, it crashed.
So I spent a good 20 minutes trying to get it up (google didn't help at all) I managed to get it to work by minimizing the game during loading. WHICH SUCKS. My computer is obviously so shit it can't handle a loading screen.
But yeah THAT game was about 25 minutes in so they all raged at me for being shit :/ meh. We surrendered and I feel bad.
So yeah, I tried ANOTHER game and minimized the loading screen when it was loading which I have to do everytime I play >_> srs. Need a new PC TY. Can MAYBE GET ONE SOON in like 2 weeks. OR if someone lends me money (my mum owes me like 140), I don't need it to buy the PC (I have enough!) but I need it so I have enough to pay bills too.

ANYWAY. On my first game I tried Jungling (thought it would be easiest.. but I had no idea what hero would be good at it lolo) and it went BAAAD.

I'm getting better but I don't think I'll play much because I get -10 fps average and I have to minimize the loading screen to even get in, which sucks balls.
Ah well. I tried!
Actually looking at guides and shit for 1 or 2 heroes JUST TO NOT LOOK AS SHIT.
(the game would probably be awesome if anyone I liked played it, or I had a skype to rage on lulul)
EDIT 2 PUT ABOVE EDIT 1 HERE: I'm level 7 now! And I'm getting decent at Ashe. I played about 8 matches in a row with her and then some asshat took her the second they got into a game so I had to play as a champion I didn't know how to play (I think it was Yi)
I got owned in the game (fml Darius is obviously OP) but yeah, live and learn.

I actually use it now, and even if you DON'T use it just follow me so I can pretend people love me.
plx? Love you long time, baby.
No but srsly, you should just follow me and not even read my tweets or anything, just CAUSE.

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