Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Woe, t'is Just The End. (The Forgotten, pt. 1)

OOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAWD. I've been uploading semi-frequent videos to my Youtube page and I've been forgetting to post them here!
Ah well, HERE I AM!
Idk which video this is, I'm just choosing a random one from my page!


Anyway in other news I've beaten Diablo 3 twice now! Once as a Barbarian and once as a Demon Hunter, and I can honestly say LULLULULULU Barbarians are OP as FAAAAAAAAAAK. I literally get 2 shot as a DH but the Barb can tank 2 packs of rares, an elite and 5 rooms without dying (on Nightmare), it's ridiculous!
So yeah, I've actually been playing a bit on both chars atm and I'm on Act 2 on my DH and I've just killed Skele King on my Barb. I am gonna fucking hate Belial because it lags me loads and getting hit by anything just 1 shots me. MEEEEEH!

Also Idk if I mentioned it here but I started trying to draw stuff, like anime and SHEEET. I know Manga is the word for drawn stuff and anime is the videos and SHIT OR WHATEVER but I don't care, Anime sounds better.
So yeah, anime heads/faces are FAKKKKIN HARD to draw, at least for me :(
Would you like to know how awful I really am? I've uploaded a bunch of fails to Photobucket so you can all see how crap I am!

...okay, I cba to upload my PB but if you find it then feel free to hate on me!
Here's a random pic of something, TNX4 VIEWING BLOG!
(I kinda wish I was a girl, so I could put a random kiss and have it not seem like I'm a little bit frilly, lullul)

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